Saturday, January 8, 2011

Have Fun with SUMO Paint!

Freehand drawing is not one of my given talents, but I do like to use drawing and paint programs to create images that go with curriculum I'm teaching. SUMO Paint is a free, online paint and image editing program that is fun and easy to use. This program has most of the higher quality features of Photoshop but is as easy to use as Paint or Kid Pix. Just a few of the offered features are layers with various filters, special blending and opacity effects, and numerous brush variations. Color schemes seem limitless. The best part is you don't have the expense that goes along with the "big name" products. Saving your creation online makes it available everywhere and anytime. Setting up the free account takes just a few seconds.

Images created by others are available to load into the program for a new creation or can be saved, printed, and even rated. Different views and sizes of each image are offered. The images library is searchable in the personal or public domain. The images have a size limitation of 15MB. Your creations can be copyrighted.

SUMO Paint is a wonderful tool to use with your students since it is all online and you don't have to purchase any other software. Images can be created and printed without a login. Why not try introducing it in your classroom and watch the creativity grow!

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