Saturday, January 8, 2011

Need to Calculate?

One of the NCTIES presentations included information for free calculators and supplies through a group called RentCalculators. Their mission is to support education by supplying calculators and supplies at a much lower purchase cost, renting them cheaply, or even free. Students can calculate online, rent the calculators for as low $4 per month or purchase one for $9.00. The site is designed for students to be able to use the technology even if they can't afford to buy it.

Students can use RentCalculators' Free Online Graphing Calculator with ease. It is online and accessible anytime they need to use a calculator for their homework. Once the link is clicked, the window can be resized to full-screen. Just type in the problem to be solved through one of the tabs - Equations, Settings, Intersection, and Plot Points - and see the immediate results.

This organization uses donations to help make technology affordable for students. Their goal for 2009 is to make the first month's rental free. Check out their site and share the wealth!

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